landscape and culture in patagonia
inhabiting Landscape and Leisure
2005 trelew
2006 c.rivadavia
2009 dolavon
2010 a.beleiro

Nature remains in its original state; human marks have not interfered in its essence and have only left fragile traces. Urban environment advances over natural terrain without recognizing its conditions and limitations. Even in its manner of experimenting landscape one holds on to the urban, the known: from building to building, fixed places, withdrawn, from where the surroundings are admired, understood. The experience is reduced to points of view, but views over the "accidents" of landscape, its exceptions. Monotony is always passed through. But if we stand still, if we stay, perhaps it will be possible to perceive the sum of exceptions that produce this monotony, infinitely small, pale and subtle. The landscape demands second and third glances, while it seems impossible to find places to linger and forms of staying. These places and forms are what we want to imagine.

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