landscape and culture in patagonia
natural + artificial. post industrial landscape
2005 trelew
2006 c.rivadavia
2009 dolavon
2010 a.beleiro

Issues to be consider.


The logic of the camp city and the logic of mobility around the Golfo San Jorge.

Ways to appropriation and alteration of the landscape as a result of economic activity. Industrial landscapes : footprints and palimpsests.

Oil extraction as storytelling and meaning on the landscape. Codes and readings.

Relations between industrial heritage and natural heritage on which it sits. Territorial culture.

The restoration of degraded landscapes and abandoned facilities based on programs and activities that enhance the character of cultural heritage, identity and collective memory site.

Imaginary nomadism in human settlements. The royal city, the image of the city as a cultural construction. Mismatching and meanings, the symbolic dimension, continuity and mutations.



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