landscape and culture in patagonia
landscapes in the border. atlantic to pacific
2005 trelew
2006 c.rivadavia
2009 dolavon
2010 a.beleiro

The border has become one of the spaces that define contemporary life. Moving from one country to another, as a tourist, as a guest, as a refugee, as a commodity, such as legal or illegal immigrant is a ritual that expands the strict geopolitical concept of transit and migration to a more figurative and metaphorical identity mutations, because the border while it is reality and metaphor. Crossing, traffic, mutate, move, are actions that define every day people's life and tell us about the existence of the border as a limit, both in rural areas or peripheral and urban environments.

This border could be necessary for interaction or even to enclose a ghetto to keep some people saves from the others to finally become a no man's land place.



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