landscape and culture in patagonia
why such an encounter?
2005 trelew
2006 c.rivadavia
2009 dolavon
2010 a.beleiro

We have the aspiration to create a body of interpretation for a region.


Many of the mechanisms at our disposal, when we plan, do not adjust to the reality and the requirements of Patagonia, because they usually derive from an urban culture that is foreign to the zone. Through a collection of material we hope to produce tools for later interventions that adapt to the particularities of the site. These tools would have to draw information about the territory from its spatial possibilities, its capacities of communication, its climatic qualities and its characteristic materiality.


For this purpose it is necessary to start a discussion on the perception and appreciation of these components. The cultural aspect is a fundamental filter of our views, essential in order to grasp these elements and to transform the way we see them. In order to understand how our perceptions are formed we want to involve the disciplines that take part in this construction. Is it possible to experiment a new relation between culture (as expression of human activities and actions) and its implications in landscape and territory, if we explore our (pre)conceptions and contrast them with the physical presence of the place? In the first instance we have to begin to ask ourselves, and from there, with time, find answers.

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